This is the highest level of partnership with us and unique opportunity to work under SmartFX brand name. Become a partner of ready business and let's grow it together.


  • The status of an official partner of SmartFX team and your own financial freedom.
  • Cooperative marketing events. We will rock your city!
  • Individual approach with excellent trading conditions customized for your region.
  • Exclusivity rights. No one will be able to open Franchise office in your country.
  • Your office location to be shown on our website. Announcements in all our social media channels about your office opening.
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  • Website and CRM for all your team members for free.
  • MT5 Platform with 24/5 support are free of charge for all our Franchisees.
  • “Key to success”. You will receive well-working office scheme and management system with tailor-made Organizational Chart.
  • Brand Book with our corporate standards and a high quality promotional products.
  • Experienced Curator will be assigned and responsible for your office to succeed.


The answer is easy. We are looking to expand our presence not only in our home country, but also in other countries all over the world. However, this process require specific activities. First of all, we need to train people for this purpose and send them to the other countries to start our operations there.

But, every area of the world has its peculiarity. The experience and knowledge of our company representative, who will arrive in the country, may encounter serious problems in developing business associated with specificities of the country, its traditions, regulations etc. Secondly, our representative may have difficulties in adjusting to new conditions, or can just face problems speaking a foreign language, and being far from home and family. The launch of a new foreign office always involves such processes together with other scope of works.


Franchise is a type of a partnership where part of the expenses is paid by the local partner, and part of costs is paid by us.

The Partner is interested in developing a business, as it gives him a chance to earn money in his/her hometown (country), and it is easy for him/her, as he/she knows very well all legal proceedings, laws and regulations and the system of doing business. Moreover he/she might have good connections and relations with different clients and IBs. That is why we are convinced that foreign offices should be opened by local specialists, and we are always ready to support them.


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