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Gain access to all essential Acuity trading tools with one powerful MT4/MT5 plugin. This comprehensive package includes a Signal Centre, which provides premium AI-powered signals featuring expert analytics, tailored to traders of all experience levels.

The signal centre tool has Financial Conduct Authority approval.

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Benefits of using trading signals:

  • Save Time: No need to spend hours searching for trading opportunities. Signals provide quick insights, saving time.
  • Easy Trading: Signals simplify trading decisions. Just follow the instructions provided.
  • Human + AI Analysis: Get the best of both worlds: human expertise combined with AI-driven analysis for smarter trades.
  • Tailored to You: Signals can be customized to match your trading style and goals.
  • Cutting-edge Tech: Access the latest trading technology powered by AI for better trading decisions.


An advanced AI-Powered plugin that collects, analyses, and delivers the latest market information, giving you real-time a Signal Centre, and your own Economic Calendar—all seamlessly integrated into your MT4/5 trading platform.

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