Want to learn how financial markets work? We host a weekly live session with industry experts who will teach you the latest trends in finance, and give advice on what charts are worth studying for your investing strategy!

16th March 2023

Time : 6pm



Almas Jairaj

Vice President in Sales - SmartFX

Almas Jairaj is an industrialist expert with 5+ years of experience in the financial market. Her passion to share knowledge about the forex market has Steered her to create interest among new traders.

She has provided educational seminars and webinars to over 1000+ attendees and helped clients to get more comfortable in the forex market. Was featured as a guest speaker at several financial conferences in 2022. Provided tips on technical and fundamental analysis and hosted live trading sessions.

Nasir Mohammed

Vice President in Sales - SmartFX

Nasir Mohammed is an investment professional who holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics, currently enrolled as a CFA candidate.

He has extensive work experience in multi-asset portfolio management. Based on a decade-long exposure in trading and investment, he has worked as a broker, and institutional trader and led various projects in the financial market space. His passion for financial markets has led him to seek the empowerment of individuals by educating people on trading the Forex, Stocks, and Commodity markets. The goal is simple, “instead of giving people fish, teach them how to fish”.

Ali Doulany

Relationship Manager - SmartFX

Ali Doulany is a financial advisor who holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics, is currently enrolled as a CFA candidate, and can speak English, Arabic, and French.

He has over 8 years of experience in financial market account management, risk management support of clients’ technical analysis, and fundamental analysis. He has trained more than 500 clients. The goal is simply to assist you to start in the financial market to benefit from a second income and develop the business and provide you Hight stander of customer service and supports


Relationship Officer - SmartFX

Shahina Saleem has over 2.5 years of Trading experience. Offers webinar sessions in the Malayalam language. Financial expert and market analyst. Provides traders with long-term investment advice.

A well-known presenter, providing an upbeat and informative session when talking about trading methodologies and always thinking outside the box when it comes to potential market movements.

Priyanka Jangir

Relationship Officer - SmartFX

Priyanka has a deep understanding of market fundamentals gained through her experience in the financial markets. She provides up-to-the-minute analysis and insight into the financial markets, as well as the broader economy.

She makes regular appearances for our Webinar program as a member of SmartFX.


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