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Financial Market compared to a cuttlefish image. 2 cuttlefish under the sea floating on a dark colored stone, where they can also blend the same color as their surroundings.

Forex market is a place full of opportunities to earn huge profits with smaller capital. That is why even during this pandemic-hit situation, smart traders are able to draw profits consistently. However, we are also hearing rumors like the market has been crashing down, traders have been incurring heavy losses, and so on. One may think that there is some truth in it as the performance of many economies and big businesses are nowhere near to where they were supposed to be. Furthermore, logical questions like these may also surface in your mind:

  • When the pandemic condition is so unpredictable, how can we apply logic to our trades?
  • When changes are happening so rapidly, how can we pick up the right signals in the market?
  • When even giant companies have faltered and suffered huge losses that nobody ever imagined of, how can we confidently invest our hard-earned money in trading? Although all of these are valid questions, there is one truth that is often overlooked. The truth is that the forex market is capable of throwing a lot of opportunities to its traders even amidst the pandemic crisis. So, how are smart traders winning in markets during these tough times? The answer is, the quality of adaptability.

‘Adaptability is the simplest secret of survival’

Financial Market compared to a cuttlefish image. 2 cuttlefish under the sea floating on a dark colored stone, where they can also blend the same color as their surroundings.

If you want to learn the art of adaptability, learn it from the real master who is none other than the cuttlefish. Let us take a look at what a cuttlefish is capable of doing.

Cuttlefishes have an amazing adaptation skills, made possible by the ability of their cells to expand, contract, and change colors to suit the environment. They use adaptive camouflage to blend in with their surroundings. Why so? The reason is because their ability to change its cells never ends!

If you can take a leaf out of cuttlefish’s life and master the ability to adapt to the changing conditions of the market based on some never-changing factors, then winning will always be within your arm’s reach.

Global financial market image. Half of a globe photo in a dark blue background with financial graphs colored in blue and orange.

Now, let us look at the forex market closely. What is the condition of the market? No doubt, the market is dynamic. It can change in many different ways, and it can change at a very fast pace. This automatically makes long-term forecasts and analysis quite challenging. However, the general principles of markets and trading remain the same.

Trading psychology image. Silhouette of a woman behind her is a figure of her brain projected as an AI woman in a white background.

Therefore, the key is to base your master plan on the unchanging factors. Here are the things that you have to learn:

  1. Learn the general principles thoroughly. If we do a post-mortem analysis of a trade that went wrong, in most cases, the reason would be a non-observance of one or more of the general principles of trading. So mastering the basics and more importantly ensuring that they are executed in the right manner in every single trade is the best way to carry on with your winning streak.
  2. Learn to interpret human psychology. The way humans perceive, think, and act in the market under different conditions more or less remains the same. Therefore, having a good grasp of these basic behavioral patterns will give you an upper edge in the market.
  3. Learn to view things differently. Smart traders not just doing things differently. They also view things differently. Learn to look at changing markets from a positive and opportunistic angle. Do not lament on the missed opportunities. Instead, focus on finding the new opportunities that the change has brought with it and take advantage of it.
  4. Learn to harness the change. Love change. Love uncertainty. Love adaptations. Prepare your mind and make it ever-ready for harnessing change. Teach your mind that change is not something that needs to be resisted and that it is something that makes us lively and productive.

‘Be open & receptive to change’

Adaptation — Be open & receptive to change when trading image. A guy wearing a white polo with tie and black trousers, carrying a black suitcase is taking steps in a complicated arrow with different directions.

Adaptation is possible only when you open the gates of your mind. In this fast-paced world, you need to accelerate change. It is a question of survival. If you want to stay afloat in the market by adding an element of sustainability to your performance, then working on your adaptation skills is the best available option.